Daily Problem Life


Hi, everyone, it is good to be able to have a chance to write an article on this website. Today, the topic of my article is daily problem life.

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Life is not complete without problems

Life is not complete without problems and challenges. Where ever we go they are always there with us. Are we want to give up our life and let these problem just be there and do not settle them. Do we want to give up? Keep trying do not give up easily.

Positive people,  will always trying and not easy give up. They will face the problems until it been settled properly and never comes again.  So, do not let the problems at the corner  of our life, we must face them and settle properly so that it will not keep coming again to disturb us.

Proper ideas to settle problems

So, what are our problems and challenges, have we settled them or not? Do we have the proper ideas or tools to settle them so that it will benefit to us? Or we settle them for the sake of settle but we gain nothing from it.

Yes, we need to settle our problem but at the same time, we need to see how we settle them. Take some times to think to get the great ideas to settle the problem.  We need to have a good solution to solve our problem and not the lousy one. If we settle our problem with not so good solution then one day it will come again.

So, take a time to get a great idea to solve our problem. Good solution to our problem will give satisfaction to us.Yes, we have settled our problem with good ideas and we satisfied, enough is enough.


Ready to face other problems

No, my friends, other problems are coming to us, are we letting this new problem to disturb us, again we need to think to solve. This problem is small one but we need to settle it with right solution, so that it will not come to disturb us again. In our life, big and small problems keep coming to us and all of us should be ready to face them with right solution.

Just now, I have said that positive people will not give up but they are also ordinary human being and if they have a lot of problems maybe this positive people also tend to give up.

Whether positive peoples or negative peoples, there will a time that a problem really  make us troubles and crazy and we need God to help us to deal with this kind of problems.

Check the problems in our life.

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Let us check the problems in our life. We start with our family. What are the problems that we are facing in our family? Do we have problem with our spouses, children, mother, father, brother, sister or cousins that can not be solved ? Can we identify the problems that we have with them and a good solution? Do we want to maintain a good   relationship with them? So, problem must be settled properly.

Good relationship among family members

If the relationship among family members is not good then we need to improve it to become good. In family we need to try to have a good relationship with the entire family members because most of the time we stay with them. Life will be in difficult if we stay together with our enemies. So, try to have a good relationship with our family members.

Problems in our work place

How about our work? Do we have problem in our work? Do we want to work longer in that work place? Then we need to love our work and happy to do our work, so that it will not give burden to us.

But, how to do a work properly, if we do not like the works. Then, before doing a work, we need  to try to love the work first, so that it will not become a burden to us. Do not listen the judgments of others about our work.

Make friends with work mate

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We need to make friends and have a good relationship with our work mates. We will not be happy to come to our work place if we not happy with our work mates.

So, good relationship with our work mates is very important to have good environment in our work place. So, let us solve our problems with right solution.

So, that all, about my sharing today. I hope this short article has helped some our visitors. Thank you very much for visiting this website, have a wonderful days ahead and God blessed.


Founder of moveforwardlife.com



Patience to deal the problem of children


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Patience is the ability to accept difficulties and problem without becoming disturb or anxious. Dealing the children problem is one of the challenges that need to face by the parents. So, this article is about the patience of parents in dealing the problem of their children.

All of us need to have this ability if we really want to gone through the problem in our life especially as parents. Satisfaction did not come without pain and sadness.

In our life, there are many situations in which we should practice this patience. There are also many problems, that we can use this ability so that in the end the outcome will be positive.


Parent face problem with children.

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In this article, the problem  that been chosen to practice patience is  when parents face problem with children who do not interested in study or always making problem in school.

Because of this bad attitude of the children, parents always been called to school to settle the children problem and it really giving troubles to the parents.

Parents should not giving up.

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The question here is, are the parents wanted to give up by asking the children to stop his study.  No, what will be the future of the children if the parent giving up by asking the children to stop school. So, here the patience should be practice by the parent. They should see the long term of the life of the children.

Parents need to be patience and not straight away ask the children to stop schooling. Parents should think another way, so that the children still can continue their study. Parents must make sure the children can continue to study and be success in their future.


Get help from experienced peoples.

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Any problem in asking the children to study properly, must be settled by sending them for counselling session. It is to make them realized that education play important role in the life of peoples. At least, in the end of the session, he might be able to think about his future.

New parents should get help from older parents who have successful raised their children. Get the helps and tips from them and apply them to their children. Do not use the same way that have been used many times, it may not effective to solve the problem. New parents should learn from others parents who are experienced on how to make children interested to go to school.


Children cannot think about their future

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The children are still young and not able to think about their future. So, parents really need to make sure the children go school accordingly. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the children got their education properly. If the children disobedience then get help form others parents or expertise.

So, parents really need to use the patience to handle the children problem. Any problem, that the parents cannot handle then need to get help from expert or the others parent who have successes to raise their children well. The ideas from the experienced parents maybe can help the new parents.


Technical school.

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An advice to the parent who have problem with their children is to be patience and not to ask the children to stop from school but to get another option for them. If they are not interested in academic school then should ask them to study at technical school.

If they addicted in any media social then get help from any expert to handle them. Sure there will be someone there, who can help the parents with problem. Do not ever give up, by stopping the children from school and do nothing.

Get help from God.

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If the problem still continuing, then we need God to intervene. God is our creator and He knows all about us, His creation. He knows how to handle the problem of His creation. God is our last help and we surrender our problem to Him. Let God guide our thoughts, words and actions in handling any problem that coming.


Thank you very much, have a wonderful a head and God blessed.


Founder of moveforwardlife.com

How to overcome boring

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Student:   I am boring, sir.

Teacher:   Ok, can you tell me, what are things that you want to do, so that you will not be boring?

Student:   I do not know, maybe doing nonsense things.

Teacher:   What nonsense things?

Student:  Ha Ha Ha…..



So these are the short conversation between teacher and a student about boring. The definition of boring is not interesting. So, in simple words, one way to overcome boring is to be interest. Boring can be overcome by thinking positive also.

Some of us get works that not exciting and then we say boring. With this, we are not able to do our best in that work. After some we may feel boring to that work. But, if we really need a job then we need to love whatever works that have been given to us. Maybe after sometimes we may love to do that work, so stop to feel boring. Now day, it is not easy to get the work that we want because there many people out there want to find work.

One way to get interest on whatever work is to be positive and to feel gratitude to God for the work. We may not like the work but we need try to like it and do our best on that works. It is because there are many peoples out there have no work and they did many kinds of work. So, just accept the work and be thankful to God with what we have.

So, let us not be boring to our work but try to love it. If we really feel boring then we need to see inside us, what make us boring. Do not ever let the boring spoilt our work and life.

Most of the time, boring not only at the work place but could be at the house also. So, one way to overcome boringness at house is to be active by doing simple work at home. There are many activities that we can do at home so that our body and mind become active not be boring.


Here, are some suggestions to avoid feel boring at home.

  1. Do a simple cleaning to your house like:

   *    Sweep the floor and wipe the tables.

   *    Clean up the plates that still on the sink.

   *    Tidy up your house sofa.

   *    Clean up your TV screen.

   *    Clean up your toilet or bathroom.

   *    Arrange your book rack.

   *    Arrange your clothing cupboards.

   *   Arrange your writing or study tables.

   *   Arrange your shoes rack.

   *   Wash and dry your own clothes.

   *   Wash up your car or motorbike.

   *   Recycle your rubbish and throw to the garbage bin.

   *   Clean up your kitchen and sink.

Whenever our body doing activities, we will become active then it will help us to overcome the feeling of laziness. So, to be active is one way to avoid the feeling of boring. We need to be positive in our thinking so that we will be active in our mind and body.

So, these are some tips to overcome the feeling of boringness in ourselves. Let us put in our mind, to be always positive in our action and thoughts and avoid boringness. I hope this article have helped some of us.

So, thank you very much and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.






Founder of moveforwardlife.com

Make Money With WordPress

Hi everyone, nice to be here again and I am exciting to write an article again.  I did not post any article to this website for few days because I was busy with my daily work  and less ideas of what to write about.

At this moment, I have a bit difficulty to get the ideas to post on this website. But, today I have decided to share my new idea to this site.

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Make Money with WordPress

So, today the topic of my post is make money using WordPress by blogging. I feel most of us really like to make money online with blogging if given a chance. But, some have no ideas how to start and where to begin.

So, here I will try to give some clues how to start making money online. It is an enjoyable and relax work but you need to think more.

It is a work, where you can become boss and at the same time you become worker, all system are under your control. So, making money with blogging is really good for those who want to make money online.

To start a blog, first you must create a website. Then, learn how to do blogging in your website. So, create your first website by clicking the image below.


Spent Money Online and Get Money Online

Some peoples taking too much  time online chatting on media social but they did not get the idea to make money online. They spent a lot of money  paying the data or WiFi but they do not have the initiative to find way to make money online. If, we spent money online then we should get money online too.

Making Money With Blogging

So, do you really want to make money online using WordPress by blogging ? Those people who have no work but got a lot of ideas to be shared, blogging is a work for you.

You just shared your great ideas through typing then post it to your website. But before you do that you must create your own website.

Monetize Your Website

1 Us Dollar Bill

You must learn also how to monetize your website through blogging, if not you are not getting any money. So, monetize your website with affiliate’s program, WordAds or Google AdSense.

If, you are working, blogging can be done as a part time work. You can do your blogging  during the week end or during your off day or free time. Blogging is not difficult, it is all about  expressing your talents and feelings. Do you really want to  make money online using WordPress by blogging?

So, create your first website by clicking the image below.


Blogging Is Sharing Ideas

Blogging is one way to the learn the life of others. Sometimes, when you are doing blogging you may losing you ideas, so to get new ideas, take time to read the  blogs from  others bloggers.

After joining WordPress, you will get the chance to read thousand of blogs which been written by many bloggers. So, you no need to crack your mind to get ideas, just read the blogs of others then you can create your own idea.

For me I am very glad to be able to create my own website at WordPress because I have chance to write and share my post to others. I believe that this blogging will help me to improve myself and my life.

Online Part Time Work

So, now blogging is my part time work and it will make me always think about strategy and planning which sharpen my mind. With blogging I feel very enjoy because I can create my article to be shared to others.

Have you created your own website? No need be to hurry, all you need to do is to learn the meaning of website and blog. The moment you create your website do not stop learning, read and check the all the theme and steps that you do not understand.

Blogging Is Interesting

Blogging is a very interesting work because you will be able to express yourself through your writing and share to others. At the same time, if you do it correctly you will be able to earn extra money.

So, Start your blog by creating your first website by clicking the image below.


Thank you very much for visiting this site, have a wonderful day and God blessed.






Seven Good Virtues.

Seven Good virtues 

Hi guys, I did not post any article for few days. The problem was I could not think any topics that I feel want to post. But, today I have decided to make my blog alive again. So, I searched around my book store and I found this.

So, today I have a topic to share. My topic is Seven Good Behavior or good virtues.  Some of us continue to have a not good behavior because we do not know how to have a good behavior. It is because some schools or families do not teach about this. If, we do not learn about Good behavior, then how to have and practice a good behavior.

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I am not a perfect person but I want to share the little that I have known. Seven Good behavior or good virtues has seven virtues. There are Humility, Fraternal Charity, Meekness, Diligence, Liberality, Temperance and Chastity.


Humility is a recognition that we are creatures and in need of God. It helps us to form a true opinion of ourselves, to disregard shallow popularity and to free us from self-obsession. So, we need to form the true opinion of ourselves.

Fraternal Charity

Fraternal Charity is a gratitude for the gifts and talents of others and a desire that each every person’s reaches their potential.  So, we need to accept and respect the gift and talents of others. All of us have our own gift and talent. All of us are brothers and sisters in God, and then we need to respect each other in whatever talents, gifts and standard of life we are.

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Meekness is a self- control, not a weakness, which allows us to master our emotions when attacked and wronged. So, with the knowledge of meekness, we should be able to control our emotions in right ways when we are facing troubles, so that the problems will not big impact to us.



Diligence is a readiness to always do what is needed. It makes even difficult tasks achievable. If we really want to achieve something then we need to practice diligence with smart plans.

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Liberality is a generosity towards others in sharing God’s gifts. It brings personal happiness with what we possess. Share the little things we have is a good things because when you have more it may be difficult to share. So, let us be generous even we have a little.



Temperance is a right use of food, drink and others stuff for nourishment and pleasure. It leads to self-control in many others area. We need to use this virtue in dealing with our needs and wants, so that we may avoid wastage.

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Chastity is a proper use of our sexuality. It leads us to guard our heart and mind from evil influences, gives us freedom and allows us to love purely.  We really need to put in our mind this word of Chastity and to practice according to it, so that we may not abuse ourselves and others sexually.

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It is not easy to practice this Seven Good Behavior but whatever is that, we need to practice it. We may not able to start to put into practice these virtues in one time but we need to start little by little. I am still struggling to practice some of these virtues.  So let us together put an effort to change ourselves first and then later on, automatically we can change the world outside.

I hope you have learned and understood about Good virtues or Seven Good Behavior. All of us still need to learn more about our lives, so that we can live better, so let us be opened to accept all the lesson that coming to us. Thank you very much and have wonderful days ahead, God blessed.


Founder of moveforwardlife.com

Make Money Doing Affiliate Marketing

Make money doing affiliates marketing.

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Today, I want to be talking about the tips how to make money doing affiliates marketing. Before, I explaining more about this topic, I want to stress that making money online is not easy. But, if you really interested in making money online, just go ahead.



What is affiliates marketing?

Affiliates’ marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn commission of the profit for each sale that you make.

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How Promoters promotes and sells the affiliates products?

Promoter will promote the affiliate product through internet only by social media or website. So, you must learn more about how to promote products through website and social media effectively. You can learn more from tutorial at YouTube and Google.

What are the platforms for affiliates marketing?

Word press, wix and tumblr are the platforms you can use to promote your affiliates product by blogging. There are millions of website at internet, so if your product is not unique than not many people will visit your website.

So, the others platforms to promote affiliates products from your website blogging in order to get more visitors or traffic is using social media like Facebook, Facebook Page, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tweeter, Linkedin and many more.

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What are the international affiliates companies?

The international affiliates companies are Rakuten Affiliate Program, Amazon Associate, Ebay affiliate program, Sharesale affiliates, Awin Affiliates program, Viglink affiliate program, affiliate conversant (CJ), clickbank affiliate program and many more.


Below is the list how to start making money doing affiliate marketing.

  1. Set up your website or Facebook page properly. You must have your Facebook and other social media.
  2. Apply to join any of the affiliates companies.
  3. If your application success, then you can start promote your affiliate product through your website and other social media.
  4. Learn how to copy the product link from the affiliate company and paste to your website.
  5. Learn how to copy the product link from your website and paste to your Facebook, Facebook Page or social media.

If you do not how to start your promotion at website by blogging then learn tutorial from Google or YouTube.

If you want to learn how to set up a website and learn to use social media then learn from Wealthy Affiliates marketing. It has the easy tutorial, step by step of building website and how to use social media. Join wealthy Affiliates Marketing.

If you want free tutorial of building website then learn from You Tube or Google

How this affiliate marketing can make money for you?

When people click the link of product you displayed on your website or social media then make a purchase, you will get commission. So, this commission is your online income.


  1. Create your website and learn how to do blogging at your website from Google to promote affiliates products.
  2. You must join at least one or two affiliates companies. You need to make sure that your application been approved if not, you need to apply others affiliate companies.
  3. You must learn more, how to promote your products or website using facebook, facebook page, pinterest, Google plus, tweeter, Linkedin and so on.
  4. Promote your own link affiliate product and not the company link. So that, the commission goes to your account.


I hope this article has helped you and be meaningful for you. If this information is not enough, you can just type the title that you want to know at Google or YouTube and check the information.

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Thank you very much for your time to read this article, have a wonderful day ahead and God blessed.




Founder of moveforwardlife.com

Definition bad habits

Definition bad habit.


Vices are evil habits or bad habits

Today, I will be sharing about vices. Before we go further, let us see the meaning of vices. Vices are evil habits or bad habits; these habits will give us the disposition to perform evil actions. Sometimes, we develop vices which incline us to perform more evil actions.

Often starting with small, venial sins, vices can quickly become our habit and difficult to change. So, all of us must be careful, so that these vices will not been practiced excessively in our daily life.

seven vices

There are seven vices which called ‘’deadly’’ because of their poisonous effects on the human soul. Sometimes, these vices also called ‘’seven deadly sins’’ or ‘’capital sins’’. These vices may promise an easier life but they can ensnare, enslave us and ruin our human life.



The first vice is pride.  It is a denial of the superiority of the Creator and an inflation of our ego. Pride may cause us to forget God and our dependent on Him. It may leads us to excessive ambition, an over estimation of our own strengths and the desire to be idolized by others. So, be aware of this vice, let it not control our way life.

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Second vice is envy. It is an anger or sadness that other people have gifts and possessions that we want for ourselves too. We should not have envy or jealousy over the gifts and possession of others. If we want to have a better possession and gifts for our own then we need to make more effort work on it, in a positive way.

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Third vice is the anger. It is a disordered state in which we take revenge on others, or an unfair opposition to a person or thing. Too much of anger is not good for the health of our body and relationship between family and friends.

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Fourth vice is sloth. It is a laziness or spiritual torpor that prevents us from doing what we can achieve and should. We should not practice laziness in our daily life because it has a bad effect to our life and work.

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Fifth vice is avarice. It is an immoderate desire for possessions and gifts. The other meaning of avarice is the desire that difficult to fulfil. It may leads to injustice, stealing and indifference to the poor. Our desire on possession and gifts should be moderate and according to our capability.

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Sixth vice is gluttony. The meaning of gluttony is a disordered love for food and drink. It can leads us to eat and drink excessively and exclusively for pleasure. Eat and drink excessively for pleasure may cause our body into obesity and it gives many problems to our body.

Fries and Burger on Plate


Seventh vice is lust. It is a disordered desire for selfish and sensual pleasure, generally sexual. It may leads to the abuses of the body and the family and many addictions. By our experiences and knowledge, all of us need to learn how to handle our sexual desire properly, so that it will not bring hurt or painful experience to us and others.

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The purpose I wrote this article is to share my ideas about these vices. With this article, other people also get to know about this and maybe can help them to solve the problems that happening in daily life.

So, these are the points of my sharing today through this definition bad habit article and I really hope that, this article have given lesson to the readers and give them the idea of what are the vices all about.

Thank you very much and see you at the new episode. Have a wonderful day ahead and God bless.


Founder of moveforwardlife.com

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