Do you respect your parents

Hi, everyone, today I want to talk about the problem of the young people now days. The problem that I want to talk is’’ young people do not listen to the advice and suggestion of their parents, guardian and elder peoples’’. This is very not good because if they do not listen to them then big possibility they will make mistakes and spoil their future life.

Boys and girls, do you respect your parents? I would like to advise you to listen the advice of your parents and guardians. I said this because they have more experience about life than you. So, do not disrespect them but listen to them and understand what they want you to do. All parents want their children to be success in study and life.

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I have met few young men living in regret because they did not listen to their parents’ advice when they were very young. These young men had opportunity to study but did not study properly and he did not obey to the instruction of their teachers. During the class, they escaped and went for smoking, computer games and outing and neglected their study.

At school, they did not study properly but playful and be lazy and disrespect their teachers. All they want to do is to enjoy themselves and forget their studies. They escaped many times from classes and at last he been sacked out from school and did not complete his high school.

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He became aware about this but already late, school did accept him to come back, and his parents did not want him to study anymore because giving more problems to them. He really regrets about this but already late, opportunity to study has been closed. So, boys and girls use the study opportunity properly; do not ever waste a minute of this opportunity with unnecessary activities.

So, now this young men still not sure what to do. Most of his friends get good jobs because they have their certificates. For him, he has difficulties to find a good job because he has no certificates. So, take his life experience as a lesson for you all, boys and girls. Do not imitate his young age attitude.

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Boys and girls, this is the consequences, if you acted cleverer than your parents or guardian. Do not ever disobey their instruction. Do not become stubborn and revengeful but be humble and calm. Listen carefully the instruction of your parents and guardian. So, do you respect your parents?


Do not look down on them; they know more about life than you. They have more experience of life than you. You can learn more good things from them. Boys and girls, please listen to the advice of the elder people at your house and school. Please be positive in your thoughts and action and always respect the elder people.

When you are in school, your duty is to study. Be focus on you study and be success in your study and future life. Do well while you are still young and make your parents proud of you. Boys and girls, do you respect your parents ?

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Thank you very much for reading my sharing and I hope you have enjoyed. That all for today and have a wonderful ahead and God bless.


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Looking good comments not bad comments.

Not accepting the comment of others.

Hi, good day, today I want to talk about the bad attitudes that becomes the obstacle of our growth. Most of us are not aware of some of this bad attitude. There are many bad attitudes but today I just want to talk about one of these.

If we are not aware of this bad attitude then we will continue to be what we are. So, because of this attitude, many people did not improve themselves and it is very sad.

The bad attitude that I am going to talk about today is not accepting the comments of others about ourselves. Some peoples looking good comments only. When other peoples commented the mistakes that we have done, most of us will not accept.Some people will argue to prove that they are not wrong. Some peoples will be angry and blame others for the wrong that they have done. When this happened, it will cause more trouble. So, be positive in our actions and thoughts.

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So, this kind of attitude is really wrong. When we start argue and blaming others then we forget to see about ourselves. We failed to see the weakness in ourselves. We cannot recognize our mistakes and weakness unless other people tell it to us. So do not be afraid to see the mistakes and weakness of ourselves. So, be alert and start to get to know about ourselves.

Sometimes the ego in ourselves, thinking that ‘I am perfect ‘is very dangerous. When we have this kind of attitude we will missed a lot of chances to learn new things about ourselves. If we looking good comment only, then we will miss the see the goodness in ourselves and we missed to love ourselves. At the same time, we will miss the chances to improve ourselves. If we could not find goodness in ourselves then we will failed to love ourselves. Love ourselves before we love others.

My advice to all of us is to be humble to accept the comment of others about ourselves. Whether we are wrong or not wrong just listen. Maybe there is a good message for us through the comment. Keep away the anger and listen to the comment.

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No point to argue if we are really in the wrong side. Just keep silent and listen what other people are saying, maybe we can learn new things about ourselves. If we argue back, big possibility we will end up fighting and it could injured our body and it is really not good.

If we are not wrong then just listen, may be the comments can become the lesson for ourselves in our daily life. Do not looking good comments only.

People maybe say that we will become loser if we did no argue back, but what the point winning if we continue to be what we are and did not learn about ourselves.

What the point of winning if our dignity spoilt because of our anger and the injuries that we caused to others or the injuries that happened to us.

What is the point of winning if we end up at hospital for treatment or at prison because of the criminal act that we have done.


So, let us be positive in our action in dealing many problems in our life, some problem need to be handle with patience and humble but few problem need to handle with strict and firm.

So, thank you very much for reading this article and have a wonderful day ahead.


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How to make money online for beginner.

Experience To Make Money Online.

Hi guys, today I want to share my experience about how to make money online. There are many ways to make money online. But today, I want to share the very basic way of making money online. This is very suitable for the people who just start to begin their online business.

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Google And YouTube

If you go to Google and YouTube, you can see there are thousand ways of making money online. So if you want to learn more about making money online, learn from Google or YouTube.

There are many tutorial video from YouTube of how to make money online with many topics. So make good use of our internet connection.

How I Started My Online Business

Here, I want to share my experience on how did I start my business or making money online. This is the first way I started my online business. I have experienced and have done this. So, happy reading my experience and sharing.


To begin your online business, first of all you must have a place or platform to display your online products. Your online product must be affiliates product.

So in Online Business, the platforms are Facebook, Facebook page, Pinterest, Google plus, your Website, Tumblr, Tweeter,You Tube, Instragram, Messanger and many others. So, you must have at least two or three platforms.

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Platform For Online Business

After that you must understand properly how to use your platform. If you are not sure how to use them, then learn from You Tube. You go to You Tube and just type how to use Facebook, pinterest, tweeter and so on then you will see a lot of information.

After you have set up your platform, then you need to think of your business. What kind of business you want to start.

The easier online business that you can start is affiliate marketing. You no need to create your own product. Then you decide what  things or niche of business you want to promote.

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What Is Niche?

Here are some examples of niche you can start such as men clothing, ladies clothing, baby clothing, shoes, watches, stationery, cooking, ebook, mobile phone, travel and many others.

Choose the business that you enjoy most to promote or the stuff that you like to learn. If you are not sure, just  start whatever, then later on you will able to learn.

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Affiliates Marketing Companies

After you  decided the type of business you want to promote then you must find  and choose affiliates companies.

There are many companies that provide Affiliate marketing, there are Viglink, Rakuten, CJ, Amazon associates, Ebay, sharesale and many others. Just type one by one of these companies at the Google then you will see them.

Next, you need to sign up to the affiliates companies that you have chosen. Make sure you fill up the form properly.
If your application to join the affiliates companies success, then you can start to copy the address link of the item your want to promote and then paste the address link on your platform.

This is to promote the item  to the people outside there. If  the people outside there click the your link and buy the item then you will get commission. The commission  will be your online income.

So thank you very for your time and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.

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How to overcome addiction to the porn

Hi there, today I want to share about how to overcome addiction to the porn. Before I go deeper into this topic, I want to explain the meaning of addiction according to my understanding.

Addiction is a strong urge to do something. Meanwhile, porn or pornographic is immoral a picture or movie. Then, the meaning of addiction to porn is a strong urge to watch immoral picture or movie for many times. So, the problem here is how to overcome the addiction to watch the porn picture and movie.

I will be giving some suggestion to answer to these questions, I am not expert about this but just to give some sharing, and maybe I could help other or myself. The answers that will be given according to my reflection and experiences. So now, let me start with my sharing.

To have a strong will to stop to watch porn. We must have a strong will if we really want to stop this bad habit. Strong will is very important because, it will be always reminding ourselves about the things that we want to do. To have a strong will, we need the grace from God to help. Human are nothing without God.

Portrait of Young Man

Build a positive social life. Positive social life means we talk with other people with respect. Talking with other peoples make us able to express ourselves and something we learn something from other people’s  life. If we have a positive and strong relationship with other people around us, then if we have problem, people will help us.  So, if we interact with other people more often then we will know the true meaning of life and will be able to overcome the bad thoughts and bad action. If we know the true purpose of sex, then we treat our sexual matters properly.

Using the internet wisely by finding useful business can overcome our addiction to the porn. If we really do research, there are many positive things that we can do through internet. Some peoples making money from internet, because there are many business at there that can make money.


There are many online business opportunities we can get from internet, if we really take an effort to do research like ‘’ affiliate marketing, how to make money through you tube with Google Adsense.  How to make money through Facebook, Facebook Page, Pinterest, website and Survey, How to build word press website and do blogging then make money.

How to make money with Amazon, Viglink, Sharesale, Ebay, Rakuten, Linkshare CJ and many others company through affiliates business. How to promote your affiliate business through Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Tweeter and many others stuff’’. All of these are real businesses that can do at Internet. Learn the program properly before you sign up.

So, there are many good business that we can get from internet. To know more information get from Google or YouTube.  These good businesses can overcome our addiction and focus to porn. If you are not working, learn to get a serious business at internet for a better life. At the same time be aware with scam program.

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Avoid ourselves to be alone with internet. Any internet matters please do at the place where people are around. Do not bring your internet work inside your room. If you are about to click to go to the porn site close your laptop immediately , move away from there, be strict to yourself about this matters.

Do outdoor activities like games, walking, running, jogging, house compound cleaning, dancing, fishing, hiking and many others activities every evening. These outdoor activities will make us busy and tired, and then it will reduce our involvement in the bad activities.

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If you are not able to do outdoor activities then do activities at house such as cooking, washing plates, washing clothes, sweeping, clean the bath room and toilet and other work which are important. So these activities will reduce our focus to do bad activities. These activities must be done regularly so that our urge to bad thoughts become less and less.

If you like to watch movie, avoid watching the movie that contain the scene which can bring our mind into porn matter. If you cannot find a good movie then watch only news. If you really want to watch movie then get the good action movies.

Avoid talking with immoral attitude people. Sometimes, peoples with immoral attitude will remind us to do the porn matters. It is good and funny to hear people talking in jokes about porn but it is not good for many of us. It can influence our mind, if it not been managed properly. So, move away from this kind of peoples because they cannot help us to do better in our life.

If you think that the level of your addiction to porn is in critical then you need to find people who are expert to help you to solve your problem. If you are a catholic then bring this problem to the priest through your confession.  If we cannot do it then God is our last hope. We are nothing without God.

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These are all my sharing today and it will be continued next time. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead.



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Bali Trip Blog

A Visit To Bali

Few years ago, my friends and I organised a visit to Bali. At Bali, we went and visited few places which are beautiful and awesome.

Our arrival at the airport been welcome in a good and traditional way. Our bus is just nice as there are twenty of us.


Stay At Hotel For 3 Days And 2 nights

They brought us to our hotel where we would stay there for 3 days 2 nights.We stayed at a just nice hotel near the town. The hotel waiter and waitress are so friendly as they prepared a good food to welcome to us. Thank you very much for the Bali people from my Bali trip blog.

Tour Guide Are Punctual

Our tour guide are punctual as he come and gone on right time. He brought us for visit few places  mostly temples, wood craft shop, jewelry shop, beautiful beaches and others, then brought us for meals. Our visit was easy because all programs been planed properly and professionally.

K. Buddha

Alive Volcano Visit

Our last visit was quite far but it was awesome, we were able to see the alive Volcano with the smokes coming out all the time. Our lunch was fantastic where we can eat as much as we want and the food were all delicious. Thank you very much.

Our last trip was shopping, the things were all cheap and some of us bought a lot of things. It was wonderful experience to be at Bali.

Water flow

Awesome And Wonderful Visit

So, 3 days and 2 nights visit in Bali was an awesome and wonderful. So, here I managed to take few pictures at some of the places that we have visited. I have taken a lot of pictures with a beautiful scenery but I misplaced them.


Happy reading and watching the pictures at my Bali trip blog and  hope you enjoy your visit here. Continue to visit this website because we are nothing without your support.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.


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Self Help Anger Management.

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Anger Is Bad For Us

Nobody likes to be angry because always to be angry is not good for body, mind and relation with other peoples. But for me, when I was young, I was bit quiet but I was easy to be angry.

If I have a problem, I was not daring to share my feelings to other peoples. So, this is  the reason that  make me easy to get angry.  I did not express my self and all the anger, sadness, frustration and dissatisfaction that I had. I always keep inside my heart and mind.

Negative Feeling Should Not Be Kept

I kept and collected all the negatives feeling inside my heart. So, whenever I have a simple problem which I could not settle, it easy for me to be angry because the pressure of anger in me is too high. Then, whenever I get angry I will be shouting aloud, crying and say a lot of unnecessary words. So, I really need self help anger management

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This is the bad things whenever I get angry . I really do not like to be angry  but I could not do anything to change this. All of this things happened whenever I get angry. Even small problem, can make me emotional and angry. I felt embarrassed about this but I do not know how to handle.

Attending Counseling Session

One of my friends, suggested me to go for counselling session.  He told to me that taking counselling will help me to know myself more and can reduce my anger. Then without thinking too much, I went and attended for few sessions of counselling.

So, during the  counselling sessions, I  expressed all my anger, sadness,  frustrations and dissatisfaction that I have from my young age. These counselling sessions really help me to discovery about myself and all the feelings that I have been kept, since I was very young. I learned a lot of things about myself from the counselling session.

Man Wearing Black Polo Shirt and Gray Pants Sitting on White Chair

Awareness Of Myself

Then, after few months attended the counselling, I become aware of myself. Gradually, my anger becomes less. I am able to manage my anger. At the same time I write all my daily feeling through writing. Expressing my feeling through writing also really help me.

Sometimes, I will cry whenever I expressing my feeling in writing. I will do my writing expression with myself only in my own room or isolated place. Before that, I did not know that I can express my feeling through writing. I kept all my expression writing properly, so that people will not be able to see.

Learn To Manage Anger

I feel that these counselling sessions that I have attended really help me. Now,I am  learning how to manage myself and my anger.  I can feel that I get some freedom from my anger. In the future, I hope I can get more freedom from my anger and get self help anger management.

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Find Ways To Manage Anger

So, how about you, do you have anger in yourself? If you have, find a positive way to managed it. Talk and express your anger, sadness, frustration and dissatisfaction to someone you trust or attend any counselling sessions in your place.

If nobody there with you, with God reflect and express your anger in writing but makes sure nobody read your expressions. Get away from all bitterness and pain. Think positive and love yourself.

Thank you very much to our visitors. Happy reading and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.


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How To Solve My Problem


Small problem in my life.

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Ignorant is not good.

To be ignorant about positive things is not good. When I was young, I was living my life without awareness. Though, I did good deeds to others but I was not doing good deeds to myself.

I was never trust myself; I was never thinking that I am good. I was never appreciating myself for the good things I have done. Whenever peoples said to me’ you did a good job’ and I always answered ‘no I did not ‘.

Whenever people said to me’ you are good looking’ then I will always answered’ I am not’. Whenever peoples said to me ‘you are clever’ then I will always’ no I am not.


How to answer in right way

So, these are the answers that I always said when people said good things to me. The matter here is not that ’‘no I am not’ ’but I do not know, how to answer in a right way. Why I did not say’ yes I am’, because I had never been taught to say like that. No body taught me how to say the words ‘yes I am’ in those days.

In my family, we have a practice not to say good things about ourselves in front of others.  So because of this practice I become not confidence in my answering to this question.

Learn  good value from other peoples.

My mind and thought become different when started mixing with peoples who come from different back ground.  I am lucky because have chance to stay with them who have a different mind-set people.

They taught me, that any question similar like that need to be answered with simple’ yes I am’ and it is quite simple but not for me. At the beginning, I have a little difficulty to say this word but after sometimes I become confidence to say it.

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How are you?

Another word that I really hate to answer is’’ How are you?’’. Whenever peoples say this words to me, I feel irritated and become confused to answer. I feel this question is very tricky and irritating.

My mind was, ‘what the point to answer, I am good, if I am really not good’. That will be the obstacles words that always come into my mind. Whenever peoples give me this question., I was struggling to answer.

Try to be positive

I have one experience, when one person asked me this question and I answered ‘’ No, I am not good’’ because I was not in good mood. Then the person asked me again ‘’why?’’, this question really put me into hot pot because I need to get some point to answer the second questions again. So from that moment I really hate to hear this greeting.

I am Fine, Thank You

But, after sometimes, I learned to answer this greeting from others. I practiced to say the words ‘’yes I am’’ many time for myself first before saying to others. I would say to myself ‘’ How are you?’’ and I would answered ‘’I am fine thank you’’ many times.

Then I become confident and this greeting becomes normal for me because I have a confident answer, to this greeting already. Now I can say confidently ‘ I am very good ‘whenever people say to me’’ How are you? This is how to solve my problem

Positive mentality and spirituality

So, it is very good to mix with peoples with different background and have a positive mentality and spirituality. From this experience, I become open in mind and heart. Learning new things is never stopped.

Child Holding Bat during Daytime

We need to solve the little problem in our life. If we can handle the little problem in our life then we will be able to solve the big problem later.  Then what is the small problem in your life that you are struggling for? Do have a way to solve that?  If you do not have asked others for help.

Keep Improving

So, keep on trying to improve ourselves for betterment of our future. Life must go on forward and positively. Thank for reading how to solve my problem  and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.


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