Patience to deal the problem of children


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Patience is the ability to accept difficulties and problem without becoming disturb or anxious. Dealing the children problem is one of the challenges that need to face by the parents. So, this article is about the patience of parents in dealing the problem of their children.

All of us need to have this ability if we really want to gone through the problem in our life especially as parents. Satisfaction did not come without pain and sadness.

In our life, there are many situations in which we should practice this patience. There are also many problems, that we can use this ability so that in the end the outcome will be positive.

Parent face problem with children.

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In this article, the problem  that been chosen to practice patience is  when parents face problem with children who do not interested in study or always making problem in school.

Because of this bad attitude of the children, parents always been called to school to settle the children problem and it really giving troubles to the parents.

Parents should not giving up.

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The question here is, are the parents wanted to give up by asking the children to stop his study.  No, what will be the future of the children if the parent giving up by asking the children to stop school. So, here the patience should be practice by the parent. They should see the long term of the life of the children.

Parents need to be patience and not straight away ask the children to stop schooling. Parents should think another way, so that the children still can continue their study. Parents must make sure the children can continue to study and be success in their future.


Get help from experienced peoples.

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Any problem in asking the children to study properly, must be settled by sending them for counselling session. It is to make them realized that education play important role in the life of peoples. At least, in the end of the session, he might be able to think about his future.

New parents should get help from older parents who have successful raised their children. Get the helps and tips from them and apply them to their children. Do not use the same way that have been used many times, it may not effective to solve the problem. New parents should learn from others parents who are experienced on how to make children interested to go to school.

Children cannot think about their future

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The children are still young and not able to think about their future. So, parents really need to make sure the children go school accordingly. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the children got their education properly. If the children disobedience then get help form others parents or expertise.

So, parents really need to use the patience to handle the children problem. Any problem, that the parents cannot handle then need to get help from expert or the others parent who have successes to raise their children well. The ideas from the experienced parents maybe can help the new parents.


Technical school.

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An advice to the parent who have problem with their children is to be patience and not to ask the children to stop from school but to get another option for them. If they are not interested in academic school then should ask them to study at technical school.

If they addicted in any media social then get help from any expert to handle them. Sure there will be someone there, who can help the parents with problem. Do not ever give up, by stopping the children from school and do nothing.

Get help from God.

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If the problem still continuing, then we need God to intervene. God is our creator and He knows all about us, His creation. He knows how to handle the problem of His creation. God is our last help and we surrender our problem to Him. Let God guide our thoughts, words and actions in handling any problem that coming.

Thank you very much, have a wonderful a head and God blessed.


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