Definition bad habits

Definition bad habit.

Today, I will be sharing about vices. Before we go further, let us see the meaning of vices. Vices are evil habits or bad habits; these habits will give us the disposition to perform evil actions. Sometimes, we develop vices which incline us to perform more evil actions.

Often starting with small, venial sins, vices can quickly become our habit and difficult to change. So, all of us must be careful, so that these vices will not been practiced excessively in our daily life.

There are seven vices which called ‘’deadly’’ because of their poisonous effects on the human soul. Sometimes, these vices also called ‘’seven deadly sins’’ or ‘’capital sins’’. These vices may promise an easier life but they can ensnare, enslave us and ruin our human life.

The first vice is pride.  It is a denial of the superiority of the Creator and an inflation of our ego. Pride may cause us to forget God and our dependent on Him. It may leads us to excessive ambition, an over estimation of our own strengths and the desire to be idolized by others. So, be aware of this vice, let it not control our way life.

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Second vice is envy. It is an anger or sadness that other people have gifts and possessions that we want for ourselves too. We should not have envy or jealousy over the gifts and possession of others. If we want to have a better possession and gifts for our own then we need to make more effort work on it, in a positive way.

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Third vice is the anger. It is a disordered state in which we take revenge on others, or an unfair opposition to a person or thing. Too much of anger is not good for the health of our body and relationship between family and friends.

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Fourth vice is sloth. It is a laziness or spiritual torpor that prevents us from doing what we can achieve and should. We should not practice laziness in our daily life because it has a bad effect to our life and work.

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Fifth vice is avarice. It is an immoderate desire for possessions and gifts. The other meaning of avarice is the desire that difficult to fulfil. It may leads to injustice, stealing and indifference to the poor. Our desire on possession and gifts should be moderate and according to our capability.

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Sixth vice is gluttony. The meaning of gluttony is a disordered love for food and drink. It can leads us to eat and drink excessively and exclusively for pleasure. Eat and drink excessively for pleasure may cause our body into obesity and it gives many problems to our body.

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Seventh vice is lust. It is a disordered desire for selfish and sensual pleasure, generally sexual. It may leads to the abuses of the body and the family and many addictions. By our experiences and knowledge, all of us need to learn how to handle our sexual desire properly, so that it will not bring hurt or painful experience to us and others.

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The purpose I wrote this article is to share my ideas about these vices. So that, other people also get to know about this and maybe can help them to solve the problems that happening in daily life.

So, these are the points of my sharing today through this definition bad habit article and I really hope that, this article have given lesson to the readers and give them the idea of what are the vices all about.

Thank you very much and see you at the new episode. Have a wonderful day ahead and God bless.


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