Bali Trip Blog

A Visit To Bali

Few years ago, my friends and I organised a visit to Bali. At Bali, we went and visited few places which are beautiful and awesome.

Our arrival at the airport been welcome in a good and traditional way. Our bus is just nice as there are twenty of us.


Stay At Hotel For 3 Days And 2 nights

They brought us to our hotel where we would stay there for 3 days 2 nights.We stayed at a just nice hotel near the town. The hotel waiter and waitress are so friendly as they prepared a good food to welcome to us. Thank you very much for the Bali people from my Bali trip blog.

Tour Guide Are Punctual

Our tour guide are punctual as he come and gone on right time. He brought us for visit few places  mostly temples, wood craft shop, jewelry shop, beautiful beaches and others, then brought us for meals. Our visit was easy because all programs been planed properly and professionally.

K. Buddha

Alive Volcano Visit

Our last visit was quite far but it was awesome, we were able to see the alive Volcano with the smokes coming out all the time. Our lunch was fantastic where we can eat as much as we want and the food were all delicious. Thank you very much.

Our last trip was shopping, the things were all cheap and some of us bought a lot of things. It was wonderful experience to be at Bali.

Water flow

Awesome And Wonderful Visit

So, 3 days and 2 nights visit in Bali was an awesome and wonderful. So, here I managed to take few pictures at some of the places that we have visited. I have taken a lot of pictures with a beautiful scenery but I misplaced them.


Happy reading and watching the pictures at my Bali trip blog and  hope you enjoy your visit here. Continue to visit this website because we are nothing without your support.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.


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This article is not making money, it depending on the generosity of our visitors. Thank you.








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