How To Solve My Problem


Small problem in my life.

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Ignorant is not good.

To be ignorant about positive things is not good. When I was young, I was living my life without awareness. Though, I did good deeds to others but I was not doing good deeds to myself.

I was never trust myself; I was never thinking that I am good. I was never appreciating myself for the good things I have done. Whenever peoples said to me’ you did a good job’ and I always answered ‘no I did not ‘.

Whenever people said to me’ you are good looking’ then I will always answered’ I am not’. Whenever peoples said to me ‘you are clever’ then I will always’ no I am not.


How to answer in right way

So, these are the answers that I always said when people said good things to me. The matter here is not that ’‘no I am not’ ’but I do not know, how to answer in a right way. Why I did not say’ yes I am’, because I had never been taught to say like that. No body taught me how to say the words ‘yes I am’ in those days.

In my family, we have a practice not to say good things about ourselves in front of others.  So because of this practice I become not confidence in my answering to this question.

Learn  good value from other peoples.

My mind and thought become different when started mixing with peoples who come from different back ground.  I am lucky because have chance to stay with them who have a different mind-set people.

They taught me, that any question similar like that need to be answered with simple’ yes I am’ and it is quite simple but not for me. At the beginning, I have a little difficulty to say this word but after sometimes I become confidence to say it.

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How are you?

Another word that I really hate to answer is’’ How are you?’’. Whenever peoples say this words to me, I feel irritated and become confused to answer. I feel this question is very tricky and irritating.

My mind was, ‘what the point to answer, I am good, if I am really not good’. That will be the obstacles words that always come into my mind. Whenever peoples give me this question., I was struggling to answer.

Try to be positive

I have one experience, when one person asked me this question and I answered ‘’ No, I am not good’’ because I was not in good mood. Then the person asked me again ‘’why?’’, this question really put me into hot pot because I need to get some point to answer the second questions again. So from that moment I really hate to hear this greeting.

I am Fine, Thank You

But, after sometimes, I learned to answer this greeting from others. I practiced to say the words ‘’yes I am’’ many time for myself first before saying to others. I would say to myself ‘’ How are you?’’ and I would answered ‘’I am fine thank you’’ many times.

Then I become confident and this greeting becomes normal for me because I have a confident answer, to this greeting already. Now I can say confidently ‘ I am very good ‘whenever people say to me’’ How are you? This is how to solve my problem

Positive mentality and spirituality

So, it is very good to mix with peoples with different background and have a positive mentality and spirituality. From this experience, I become open in mind and heart. Learning new things is never stopped.

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We need to solve the little problem in our life. If we can handle the little problem in our life then we will be able to solve the big problem later.  Then what is the small problem in your life that you are struggling for? Do have a way to solve that?  If you do not have asked others for help.

Keep Improving

So, keep on trying to improve ourselves for betterment of our future. Life must go on forward and positively. Thank for reading how to solve my problem  and have a wonderful day ahead, God blessed.


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